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When Lydia Became a Believer (Acts 16:6-15)

Let’s see what good lessons can we learn when Lydia – and those who were with her – were converted to Jesus Christ, saved from their sins to live in hope of being in Heaven eternally.


A.    A long way from home.
B.    Industrious, competitive, & responsible.
C.    Lived & worked in a pagan society.
D.    A worshipper of the true and living God.


A.    An instrument of God to answer a prayer (Acts 16:13; Matt 7:7-8).
B.    A factor in God’s providence to spread the gospel (Acts 16:6-13).


A.    The Lord opens the heart to respond (Acts 16:14-15). How?
B.    The Holy Spirit convicts the heart of its need (John 16:7-8).
C.    The Word of God produces faith in a sinner’s heart (Rom 1:16, 10:17).


A.    A “household” conversion (cf. Acts 16:15, 33-34, 18:8; 1 Cor 1:16).
1.    Those who are dwelling in a house.
B.    Baptism has prerequisites infants cannot meet:
1.    Sin (Acts 2:38)
2.    Hearing & understanding (Mark 16:15-16)
3.    Repentance (Acts 2:38)
4.    Confession (Acts 8:36-39)

Can you compare yourself to Lydia?  Are you searching?
Can you see God giving you the opportunity to obey Him?
Is your heart open to heed the gospel call?
If so, will you not respond as she did – immediately!