Newspaper Articles


The articles below were written by Boyd Jennings and submitted to the San Angelo Standard Times (San Angelo, TX) for publication as a means of bringing God’s Truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community.

Approximately 300 words:

1. Speaking The Truth In Love (introduction)
2. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
3. God’s Plan – Man’s Response
4. The Noble Prize
5. Noah’s Salvation And Ours
6. The Church And The Kingdom
7. Modest Dress
8. Buy The Truth
9. In The Name Of Jesus
10. Faith, Works And Salvation
11. God’s Target
12. The Work Of The Church
13. The Divine Purpose Of The Church
14. What God Provides For Salvation
15. The Blood Of Jesus Christ
16. The New Birth
17. Simon The Sorcerer
18. Infant Sprinkling
19. Felix Trembled
20. God’s Blueprint
21. God Put A Period
22. Proper Candidate For Baptism
23. Jesus Knocks
24. Do Christians Tithe?
25. There Is One Faith
26. Saved Through Obedience
27. Faith And The Faith
28. Household Conversions
29. DaVinci Code
30. Gambling
31. What Were You Baptized Into?
32. Preacher Or Pastor?
33. Is Salvation A Free Gift?
34. Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage
35. Sincerity And Salvation
36. A Fatal Flaw
37. An Unpardonable Sin
38. Profanity
39. Rock Music In Worship
40. Seek The Old Paths
41. Motherhood
42. The Vote You Cast
43. Miracles Today?
44. Gospel Preaching
45. The Way Of Man
46. The Old And The New Testaments
47. Lying
48. Does The Bible Contain All Truth?
49. Calling On The Name Of The Lord
50. Repent And Be Baptized For (eis) The Remissions Of Sins
51. Jesus’ Blood And Baptism
52. The Place Of Emotions In Religion
53. The Laying On Of Hands
54. A Requirement For Unity
55. Unity And Church Organization
56. Speaking In Tongues
57. Is God’s Silence, License
58. God’s Thunderous Silence
59. God’s Silence May Not Be…
60. The Virgin Birth Of Christ
61. 5 Personal Resolutions
62. Reincarnation: Misguided Hope
63. This “and” That
64. The Church and Salvation
65. When Jesus Returns
66. Life In The Womb
67. True Worship
68. False Worship #1
69. False Worship #2
70. The Need For A Standard
71. Nicolas: A Seeker of Truth
72. Be Careful Little Eyes
73. Remove Not The Ancient Landmarks
74. Eternal Security In Christ
75. Right And Wrong
76. Burning Desire For God
77. Original Sin
78. Inherited Depravity
79. Christian, No More No Less
80. Hope Through Jesus Resurrection
81. Facts Of The Resurrection
82. The Authority Of Silence
83. To Tell The Truth
84. The Effects Of Lies
85. The Shades Of A Lie
86. The Why Of Sin: Deception, Ignorance
87. The Why Of Sin: Pride, Unbelief
88. The Why Of Sin: Pleasure, Power
89. The Why Of Sin: Greed (Covetousness), Conforming To The Majority
90. Repentance: Course Correction
91. Repentance: Course Correction #2



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