Gospel Meetings


Joseph  Casimier (November, 2017) 

The Conversion of Jonah — mp3

The Birth of 3000 Babies — mp3

The Conversion of David — mp3

The Conversion of Saul — mp3

The Conversion of Cornelius — mp3

Forgive Each Other — mp3


James Princeton Simons (April, 2017) 

Let’s Take It From The Beginning — mp3

What’s Wrong with Non-Wrong Activities? — mp3

Simplicity in Christ — mp3

Sanctified Worshipers — mp3

Obvious Differences — mp3

Necessary but Not Meritorious — mp3


Richard Thetford (October, 2016) 

The Twelve Spies — ____ —  mp3

Membership And Salvation In The Lord’s Church — ____ —  mp3

Social Media And The Christian — ____ —   mp3

The Whole Counsel Of God — ____ —  mp3

Who Told You? —  ____ —  mp3

Peace Of Mind —  ____  —  mp3


Daniel Linden (April, 2016) 

David’s Census Of Israel —  pptx  —  mp3

How Can I Be At Peace —  pptx —  mp3

Developing Elders — pptx —  mp3

Righteous Judgment — pptx —   mp3

How To Stop Making Excuses — pptx —  mp3

Who Is [The] Antichrist? — pptx —  mp3


Shane Carrington (October, 2015) 

Why Believe?  mp3

Picturing Jesus On The Cross  mp3

Seeing The Big Picture  mp3

Beatitudes Of Marriage  mp3

Keys To A Happy Life  mp3

Three Kinds Of Churches  mp3

Building Up The Church  mp3


Leon Goff (April, 2015)  Invitation

Who Made The Dinosaurs  mp3  ppt

The Joy Of Being A Christian  mp3  ppt

The Consequences Of Sin  mp3  ppt

When God Is Silent  mp3  ppt

The Conversion Of The Samaritans  mp3  ppt

“Prepare To Meet Thy God”  mp3  ppt


Chuck Durham (November, 2014)  Your Invitation

Why I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God  mp3  ppt

Our God Whose Son Upon A Tree  mp3  ppt

Solve Our Problems, But Leave Our Pigs Alone (Luke 8:26-39)  mp3  ppt

Choosing to Love My Spouse  mp3  ppt

“Have You Not Read?” (Mark 12:18-27)  mp3  ppt

Connecting the Next Generation (Psalm 78:1-8)  mp3  ppt


 Zeke Flores (April, 2014)  Your Invitation

What Children Get Out of Church  mp3   ppt

Whatever Happened To Commitment?  mp3   ppt

A Religion That Costs Me Nothing  mp3   ppt

Commitment To The Lord  mp3   ppt

Commitment To The Truth   mp3   ppt

Commitment To The Local Church   mp3   ppt


 George Slover (October, 2013)

Connecting with God through daily devotion – MP3Ppt

Connecting with God by staying near the cross – MP3Ppt

Connecting God with others – MP3Ppt

Connecting with God through His truth – MP3Ppt

Connecting with God and family – MP3Ppt

Connecting with God through faith and hope – MP3Ppt


Joshuah Ellis (April, 2013)

Giving Like a Widow – MP3

Cultivating Joy – MP3

Let it Change You – MP3

Ryan Goodwin:

It IS Enough: man’s search for meaning and purpose – MP3

The Way to Greatness in God’s Kingdom – MP3


David Weaks (October, 2012)

At What Point Do You Get Concerned – MP3

A Black And White Bible In A Grayscale World – MP3

The Best Advice Is What You Were Taught As A Child – MP3

Ironies Of The Cross – MP3

When The Towers Fell – MP3

The Last Battlefield In The War For Your Soul – MP3


Gene Samford (March, 2012)

Why We Lose Our Young People – MP3

He Had Been To Jerusalem – MP3

When Two Lions Met – MP3

Atonement – MP3

You Can Be Forgiven – MP3

The New Hope – MP3


Jerry King (October, 2011)

If God Does Not Exist – MP3 PPT

Feasting With God – MP3 PPT

The Alternative To Divorce – MP3 PPT

Militancy – MP3 PPT

Mary Anoints Jesus – MP3 PPT

The Thief On The Cross – MP3 PPT


Warren E. Berkley (March, 2011)

Three Relationship Truths (Eph 4:25-5:2) – MP3 PPT

My God and I (John 20:28) – MP3 PPT

My Relation to the Word (James 1:21-27) – MP3 PPT

My Relation to the World (James 1:27) – MP3 PPT

My Relation to my Spouse (Eph 5:22-33) – MP3 PPT

My Relation To my Children (Eph 6:1-4) – MP3 PPT


Heath Rogers (September, 2010)

The Cry of a Wounded Heart (Psalm 55) – MP3 PPT

Uzzah and the Ark – MP3 PPT

Lukewarm Christians – MP3 PPT

The Simplicity that is In Christ – MP3 PPT

The Thief on the Cross – MP3 PPT

Heaven, How to Miss It – MP3 PPT


Wayne Fancher (November, 2009)

Foundational Doctrines Of The Church Of Christ – MP3 PPT

Choosing That Which Is Needed (Martha, Mary) – MP3 PPT

The Death Of A Church (Rev. 2, 3) – MP3 PPT

In The Hands Of God – MP3 PPT

The Sins Of Omission – MP3 PPT

Being Wise Stewards Of The Blessings Of God – MP3 PPT


Jimmy Stevens (March, 2009)

Life’s Anchor (A plea for godly men, husbands and fathers) – MP3 PPT

Church Growth, God’s Plan – MP3 PPT

Is The Bible A Sufficient Guide? – MP3 PPT

God’s Promise To Satan – MP3 PPT

The Church God Will Save – MP3 PPT

Let My Eyes Help My Heart – MP3 PPT


Timothy Jennings (October, 2008)

“Lord, Teach Us To Pray” – MP3

Finding Real Religion – MP3

The Promise That Changes Everything – MP3

The Hurts Can Help – MP3

Examining Our Head – MP3

The Resurrection Of Christ – MP3


Foy Vinson (March, 2008)

Lessons From Jesus’ Temptations – MP3

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth – MP3

Acceptable Worship – MP3

The Social Gospel Versus The Gospel Of Christ – MP3

The Denominational Myth – MP3

Blessed Assurance – MP3


Wayne Fancher (October, 2007)

Lessons On Love From The Song of Solomon – MP3 PPT

I Can Do All Things Through Christ #1 – MP3 PPT

I Can Do All Things Through Christ #2 – MP3 PPT

Withstanding The Pressure Of Being A Christian – MP3 PPT

Influences And Examples Shape The Individual – MP3 PPT

Little By Little – MP3 PPT


Mark Mayberry (March, 2007)

Importance Of Biblical Patterns (patriarchal, mosaical)  – MP3

Importance Of Biblical Patterns (old testament) – MP3

Importance Of Biblical Patterns (new testament) – MP3

The Lust Of The Flesh – MP3

The Lust Of The Eyes – MP3

The Pride Of Life – MP3


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