“Just Getting Started”

When I was given a task to perform, and it was written all over my face that I didn’t want to do it, Dad would often say, “Son, just getting started is half the job.” He would further encourage my cooperation by saying, “when you finally get to it, you always do a good job.” It rarely took more prodding than that to get me up and going. He had sufficiently boosted my self-esteem. (Besides, the belt hanging on the closet door was never far from reach.)

But it is true of many tasks in life — “just getting started” is the hard part. If we can get over the initial hump of not wanting to do that laborious ever-needed task, we can usually get the job done fairly easily. But that’s just it; how do you get over that first hump? One good bit of advice is to put one foot in front of the other. I’ve had to pick up my children and playfully teach them how to walk to the trash can and then show them the back door. Honestly, even as adults, it helps to have someone around to motivate us to do what must or ought to be done.

As we begin a new year consider “just getting started” on those special tasks that will help you grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

How about prayer? (Matt 6:9; Luke 11:2; Acts 4:24) Go into your room (lock the door if need be), get on your knees, face down on the bed and just begin, “Father in Heaven”. Don’t say anything else (yet). Allow a little silence and you’ll be surprised by how many thoughts begin to flood into your heart that you have wanted to say for a long time in the presence of God. Just get started, and always praise Him first

How about Daily bible reading? (Psa 1:2) Choose a plan, a quiet place and time (sip on a refreshing beverage) and just begin reading. Read slowly; take-in every word and thought. Don’t feel like you have to finish the reading plan for the day. Just get started.

How about regularity of attendance? (Heb 10:25) SAME! Just get started toward the car.

How about visitation? (Jas 1:27) Write yourself a note with the name of someone who needs a visit or some help. “But I’ve got groceries to buy, & the car need an oil change. I have packages to mail and items to return!” SO! On you way out the door to run those errands, take that “name note” with you and instead of turning left to where you planned to go, turn right and head toward the hospital or the home of someone who needs your care and attention. Call them on the way if it comes to that. Sometimes you’ll have to trick yourselves into doing the right thing. Remember, “just getting started is half the job”, the second half of the job is fun and rewarding! – By Boyd Jennings

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