Is Salvation By Faith Alone?

When it comes to salvation from sin, no one is saved by any ONE thing alone.  We are saved by God, Christ, Gospel, Grace, Mercy, Christ’s Blood, Confession, Baptism, Obedience, Works, Hope, Effort, & Enduring Faith.  The New Testament will verify these facts.

I.    ORIGIN: saved by faith alone

A.    Augustine, a bishop in Africa (4th and 5th century).
B.    Martin Luther, a catholic monk in Germany (16th century).
1.    He added the word “alone” (Rom 3:28; cf. Prov 30:5-6).
2.    He said Paul & James were in conflict (Rom 3:38; James 2:20-21, 24-26).
a.    Paul refuted … meriting/earning salvation.
b.    James refuted … salvation without obedience.

II.    INCONSISTENCY: saved by faith alone

A.    Repentance is necessary for salvation (forgiveness, justification, eternal life).
1.    Luke 13:1-5; Acts 17:30-31; Matt 21:28-31
a.    All are sinners.
b.    All must repent.
c.    Regretting sins can result in repentance & doing the Father’s will.
B.    Loving God is necessary for salvation.
1.    1 Cor 16:22; John 14:15; Luke 10:27

III.    FALLACY: saved by faith alone

A.    Everyone in Hebrew 11 did something “by faith”.
1.    They trusted God’s promises (Rom 10:17; Gen 12:2-3; 13:14-17).
2.    The complied with God’s will (Heb 11:20-26).
B.    Justification & Salvation are “by faith” (John 3:16; 3:36; Acts 16:31; Rom 5:1-2; 3:26-28; Eph 2:8).
1.    “Saved by faith” does NOT mean saved “at the point of faith”.
2.    We are saved when we carry out His will by faith (Jas 2:14-26).

Do we live by faith, or are we practical atheists when it comes to God’s commands (Heb 11:24-25; 1 Pet 1:22; Mark 16:16; Col 2:12; 1 Pet 3:21; Rom 6:3-4)?

One who claims to believe in Christ & yet will not obey Him does not have a faith that pleases God (cf. John 12:43).  The Scripture nowhere speaks of “faith only” salvation; salvation is not by “faith alone” (James 2:24). — Boyd Jennings

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